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Sports Fixtures

24th March 2022

Sports Fixtures

The future is bright for WPS sport

It has been another fantastic half term of hockey fixtures and competitiveness. We have been competitive against much larger schools and the excitement of a fixture is clear to see throughout the year groups.

As always, the promise of fixtures is for children to gain an understanding of their skills and be reflective on what they may need to work on. It is only through competitive fixtures that children can really build and develop their skills. Fixtures also help to teach children about perseverance and how to cope with the varying emotions sport offers, from the elation of scoring a goal, to the disappointment of losing.

Across the half term, we have had fixtures with Newton Prep, Garden House and Prospect House, with an equal spread of wins and losses, in particular, our top teams showing that they are at the level where they can compete against much larger schools. The future is bright for WPS sport.