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Spring Term Showcase Videos

29th March 2018

Spring Term Showcase Videos

What an action-packed Spring Term we have had. The children have all enjoyed sharing their learning with their families and peers, during the last two weeks.

Reception organised a special Learning Journal Party to showcase their learning this term and to provide parents with an opportunity to contribute to their Learning Journals. Reception reflected on their own learning and completed their ‘next step’ sheets.

Watch a video of Reception’s Learning Journal Party:

This term, Years 2 and 3 have had an inspiring learning journey as tribesmen from an Amazonian tribe! They have become immersed in learning about rainforests and have gained knowledge in many aspects, such as where they are located in relation to the equator, details about the animals and plants that live in rainforests, as well as how tribes live and the skills they have to live sustainably. Pupils took part in a debate with loggers and farmers, who are destroying the rainforest and they have researched the realities behind this. At the end of term, their learning was showcased to parents and other pupils in the format of a tribal meeting where they educated others all about the rainforest in an effort to protect it. They plaited bracelets and raised £65 for Survival Charity, a charity that aims to protect uncontacted tribes.

Watch our video below:

Last week, Upper School took their families to the forest to experience a journey through time. Seven clans put on their war paint and carried their shields along a muddy path to the Stone Age. They were tasked with foraging for plants and treasure which they could trade for apples, nettle tea and treats from the future. Once their first mission was complete, they travelled to the Norman times where they built rafts, created totems and planned to cross the channel. Who would be victorious?

The boats were judged on their buoyancy, strength and creativity. There were some incredible boats and it was a tough decision, however the 'Adventure Hunters' scored 10/10 in all categories and were crowned the winners. Finally, we moved on to our storytelling area and entertained parents and grandparents with the tales of 'The North Wind and the Sun', and 'The Highwayman'. Our families had the opportunity to see how Forest School ties in with our projects and builds our collaboration skills, communication skills and sense of adventure. Our final challenge is to take what we have learnt from the past, to try and save our planet's future. We hope that you join us on this mission.

Watch a video of Upper School’s showcase:

View photos of Upper School’s showcase.