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Starting the day the right way!

26th May 2022

Starting the day the right way!

It's true that our minds and bodies work best when they get some sunshine and for children, this is especially important. So our annual ‘Walk to school week’ was the perfect time to promote a calm start to the morning, and luckily we were blessed with the sun!

This year's theme for Walk to school week was 'Power Up' and the school council set about deciding how they could power up each pupil and teacher at the start of the day. This is how our mindfulness mornings began! As well as encouraging all pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school, this year we added in a whole school mindfulness, yoga, and meditation session on the green grass each morning before the school day began. Children and teachers all commented on how having this calmer, quieter moment at the start of the day positively impacted the rest of the day ahead, and seeing everyone come together has really taught us all that how we start our mornings, really does set the tone for the rest of the day.

Miss Kate