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Switch Off Fortnight

29th November 2019

Switch Off Fortnight

WPS school council launched their project in collaboration with EDF energy called 'Switch off Fortnight'. They created an action plan, delegated jobs, wrote a letter to inform parents, created posters and advertised it around school! The idea is to get people thinking about how we can save energy at home and at school.

During the fortnight, classes took part in activities to learn more about energy, how it is used and how to save it. Upper school created their own presentations about it which they presented in assembly to the whole school, Middle school created adverts on iPads to persuade people to save energy and Lower school worked on thinking of different ways of how to save energy. As well this, we had an inspiring guest speaker, one of the parents of our school who is a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) trader, presented to the older children about working in energy and what the cost of this can be.

To measure the impact of our campaign, we conducted an energy audit before and after the two weeks to see if more energy was being saved and the results were that our campaign was successful! At the start of the week, 25 appliances were on and at the end of the week, 16 were. Finally, we gave out certificates in assembly to the best energy savers that we spotted in each class.

Well done WPS school council, what a great project! See here for some of the learning and pictures of what we did!