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Test Against the Best

25th July 2022

Test Against the Best

The final ISA sporting event of the academic year is a fantastic occasion. The regional athletics are an opportunity for children to prove their worth against the best in the region,

something that any athlete with potential should want to do. It is no easy feat to compete against potentially 24 other athletes and gain a spot at the Nationals as only the top athlete from the field events qualifies, and only the top two runners from each event qualify. It is, in short, the fiercest competition of them all, but it also is open for those smaller schools to make an impact, as it relies on an individual, not a team.

This event is the opportunity for those children who thrive on competition, to really push themselves, learning from their experiences this year, to strive for more next year. These environments are something that we cannot replicate in school, and so by entering, we are exposing our children to resilience, fearlessness, independence and inspirational competition. The day itself was glorious, with the sun shining and the children taking part in their respective events, with a couple of our athletes finishing just outside the medal positions, which in itself is something to be proud of. Next year, we hope that our athletes can go one step further.