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The Colour Movement

11th March 2021

The Colour Movement

Our Book Fortnight was a resounding 'colourful' success!

Taking the backdrop of Aaron Becker's picture book 'The Quest', teachers developed a roller coaster ride of learning around the battle of the Colourful King, trying to reinstate colour in his kingdom, now ruled by the evil 'Grey King'. The book takes the protagonists on a Quest to discover the 6 magic chalks that will bring colour back to the kingdom. So we set about our mission - to dive into the story and to help our heroes 'Flo and Freddie' on their quest.

And dive we did...whole school zoom assemblies revealed the book landing mysteriously on every teacher's desk and then in popped, in full costume, our main characters from the story. They set us our first task add words to this picture book as 'words are the painting of the voice' and this book needed its colour back. It was a fortnight of intrigue, magic, role play, hot seating, prediction, real life treasure hunts in the local area and a reconciliation of the two main characters - all plotted and executed by the children themselves. Even Aaron Becker, the author, was so excited to see what we were doing that he recorded a video for us.

We also wanted to involve a wider community in our Quest and worked with the key worker children at Chelsea Academy (co-ordinated by the Art department) to produce an amazing rainbow canvas, that now has pride of place in the main corridor. They were very enthusiastic about helping Wandsworth Prep in their campaign to put the colour back and we are very grateful for their creativity and artistic skills. 

Oh....and did we forget to was all during remote learning. Who said a pandemic was going to stop us working as a whole school. Enjoy the results of our final challenge - creating a video featuring every child in the school - whether it is their writing, their artwork or their colourful quest photos!

Miss Jo F