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The iPad Revolution: Innovative Learning in the Classroom

1st February 2013

At Wandsworth Prep, we believe that technology is an important tool which should be used on a daily basis in the classroom to support and enhance the learning of children. As we seek to instill in children the knowledge, skills and understanding to help them prepare for jobs that don’t even yet exist, our goal is to help pupils develop from learners to leaders. One of the ways we believe this can be achieved, is to embrace new technologies which are changing the way that education is delivered around the world. This year, our Reception children have already been making use of the Interactive Whiteboards and school laptops in our purpose built ICT suite to take part in a wide array of child initiated and teacher led activities which support and enhance their learning in the classroom. In January, we were thrilled to introduce iPads as both a teaching and learning tool to find new innovative and creative ways to enhance learning in the classroom. Since their launch in January 2013, the iPads have revolutionised the way that we teach. Their simple, yet effective design offers new opportunities to deliver both discrete teacher led activities and support child initiated activities in the Early Years classroom. The Reception children enjoy taking responsibility for their learning through the use of educational applications on the iPads which have been carefully selected by the teaching team, and our teachers are finding endless ways to creatively recap, review and assess pupils learning and progress on a daily basis. As part of our commitment of keeping up with the latest developments and technologies in the use of ICT in Education, Mr Matt and Miss Melissa will be visiting the BETT Show on Friday 1st February to support us with our ambitious aims for the use of ICT at Wandsworth Prep.