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The Poetry Cafe 2021 - The Power of a Poem

22nd October 2021

The Poetry Cafe 2021 - The Power of a Poem

Well, we all know the importance of having the ability to speak in public - this, of course, linking to one of the strands of our school improvement plan. And we also all know the value of expressing ourselves. These are just two of the plethora of reasons why we put on the Poetry Cafe each year at Wandsworth Prep. 

It is an event that always captures the imagination of the crowd, with each and every child putting their heart and soul into performing a group poem, or a poem they have written, or both! This year, the children performed with real gusto and enthusiasm, and even the parents were brave enough to take to the stage. The mic really was ‘hot’.

The theme this year was choice, which was perfect in many ways for a poetry recital. Poetry should allow us to choose how to express our thoughts and feelings and the poems this year encapsulated this theme incredibly well.

A huge thank you to all that helped organise it, the children, and the parents and families.