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The Rainforest Fundraising Event

14th July 2022

The Rainforest Fundraising Event

Making learning meaningful is the heart of what we do here at Wandsworth Prep. It is those meaningful experiences that help create a deep understanding of the project and its importance in the real world.

Throughout our Rainforest Project, the children in Year One and Two learned about the plants, animals and tribal peoples who live in the rainforest, and who depend on it for their survival. They were so moved by the impact that deforestation is having on the tribes who live in the rainforest that they decided they wanted to make a difference. The children engaged with Survival International, a charity that works in partnership with tribal and Indigenous peoples to protect their lives and lands

The entire fundraising event was planned and run by the children which included a variety of stalls for people to purchase items from. These stalls included; fabric bags with printed leaves, art of birds found in the rainforest, a cake sale with cakes made using ingredients found in the rainforest, a quiz and a non-fiction book all about the rainforest written by the children.

We were delighted that Gabriella from Survival International was able to attend our fundraising event and to speak to the children and adults further about the work that their charity does to help support tribal peoples. We raised a total of £458.66.

Many thanks to the parents and children for their kind donations. We are thrilled that we have been able to contribute.