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Tilly the Tortoise Teaches

21st October 2021

Tilly the Tortoise Teaches

Passion may be a bit tricky to define, but we all recognise it when we see it, whether in ourselves or in others. Passion is what gives you boundless energy, intense almost single-minded focus and the willpower to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

At Wandsworth Prep we celebrate passion. Students with passion inspire other students. They get friends interested and even excited about what they are learning. Passion is what makes students decide to study more.

This half term we were lucky to share in the passions of Clara in Year 5. To support our learning around living things Clara asked to bring in Tilly her leopard tortoise and teach Year 5 and 6 about the life of a tortoises and how it is different to other animals. She prepared information which she presented to both classes and the children were able to hold Tilly and ask plenty of questions as they went along. Clara answered every question confidently and in such detail the children were fascinated from start to finish.