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To Infinity… And beyond!

22nd October 2021

To Infinity… And beyond!

Last week, Lower School took a trip to the moon! Well… Not quite that far, but we did use our imaginations and blasted off to the Science Museum for an incredible day of learning. During our first half term, lower school students have been learning about space - from how rockets work, to the planets, to the International Space Station. The trip was our opportunity to put everything we’d learned about into practice and finally see some amazing rockets in real life!

We kicked off our day by heading down to the ‘Secrets of The Home’ gallery. In our Science curriculum learning, Year 1 and 2 have been learning about materials, linking to how rockets and satellites are built, but also exploring how these materials help us in our everyday lives. In the gallery, we completed a materials treasure hunt, searching for a variety of materials from ‘things that would keep you dry in the rain’ to ‘something you couldn’t break with your hands’.

Shortly after we took part in an incredible ‘Destination Space’ workshop. This was so much fun! We travelled up to the International Space Station and learnt about the different roles needed up in space such as engineers and doctors. We learnt how astronauts recycle all of their water (even their wee!), go to the toilet and used our knowledge of materials to build a space suit of our own. After that, we headed up to the Space Gallery to learn more about different rockets, lunar modules and even saw a real piece of the moon and Helen Sharman’s space suit! We also learnt about current space missions and how scientists are figuring out how to land on the extremely hot surface of Mercury - maybe one of our WPS children will be one of the first to get there!