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Un grand merci!

31st December 2021

Un grand merci!

Here at WPS, we aim to advance our pupils’ communication skills so that they will become confident and clear communicators. By connecting with others in another country, our students will begin to understand the wider world and learn a little about children in other cultures.

Years 4, 5 and 6 have been very busy writing letters in French. They’ve been introducing themselves to pupils in a French school in Warloy Baillon in the Somme department in northern France. In a digital world, it is sometimes easy to forget the delight we give others when sending letters in the post. On receiving the children’s letters and amazing artwork, the French headteacher, Monsieur Miot, emailed ‘un grand merci’. Our big challenge now is to wait patiently for our replies!

Bong jou. Jem

Maravirstime cest onze actore Jai un sier e huit ans

1 Bonjour Je ri appelle



send je ripos

Jou neugunts

son anniversaire ust


Je m'appelle Lucia

Tai huit and

Je happelle Indy. T'al hutt onis Je presque reuy. mon annirarse C'est le vingt

den octobre. Je hal in prenes in Soreurs.

le vingt-deux



J'ai un frere

Bonjor Jen appelle Julien

Jai huit ans anne tseace cest le vengt jullet. Tai erre Goeut Anités

Je m'appelle Phoebe et j'ai huit ans.

on anniversaire c'est le vingt-et- un mars. J'ai une soeur et je n'ai pas de

fréres. | Amitiés,



presque neauf, mon anniversaire c'est le ringt-sept novembre Je nai ni fréres ni saws Amilier Lucia