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Magnificent Musicians Flourish at Music Recital

26th March 2019 | Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Magnificent Musicians Flourish at Music Recital

Last week, Upper School children taking instrumental music lessons in school had the chance to perform at the Upper School Music Recital. Parents and Upper School children were invited to watch the recital giving the children the chance to perform in front of an audience. The recital is, therefore, a wonderful opportunity for the children to build their confidence but also to showcase their talent. It is a brilliant opportunity for the children, the parents and teachers to see how far each individual has progressed so far this academic year.

At Wandsworth Prep we currently offer instrumental lessons on the Piano, Violin, Guitar, Vocals and Trumpet. Music is very important at Wandsworth Prep because it allows children to connect with each other, develop their creative interests and work towards a goal.

The recital was a success and the children performed well on the day. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend and have supported the children so far with their musical talents. The children are already looking forward to performing again at their Summer Term Music Recital. 

In order to continue growing the school's music offering and allowing all talents to shine, the Wandsworth Prep School Choir will be starting in the Summer term and is available to Years 2-6. We will be working towards an end of term performance and will be focusing on all different types of musical genres from contemporary songs to musical theatre, along with writing their own music and singing in two-part harmony.

Singing in a choir is a great tool to train a child’s musical ear and also gives further understanding of how different voices work together. The choir will be practising on Friday afternoons from 4pm-5pm. If your child is interested in joining and is in Years 2-6, we have a few spaces left for the Summer term. 

Watch a short video of some of our Upper School performers at their music recital.