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Using Technology to Unlock Learning

22nd October 2021

Using Technology to Unlock Learning

Adam Atkinson attended the school to provide some IT skills to Years 2,4, 5&6. At WPS we believe in the importance of enhancing children’s computing skills as this will set them up for their future. These skills will aid them in multiple areas of their learning, including problem solving, creativity and storytelling.

In Year 2 they developed skills using google drawing to create an information poster all about space because in case you didn't know, an alien crashed in our playground and we have been trying to help them. They inserted pictures and text, changed the colour and design of their font as well as thinking about the layout and what would make it look exciting and informative for someone wanting to learn about space

“Year 2 absolutely LOVED using the chromebooks and can't wait to use them in more elements of our learning this year!”

Year 4, were incredibly lucky to have Mr Adam come and teach them about the inside of a computer. They learnt about how circuits work and how an electrical current passes through conductors of electricity. To top it all off, they made circuits, creating their very own musical instruments, allowing an electrical current to pass through bananas and their bodies! No one was injured, so don't worry!

“I found it really interesting that electricity could flow through our bodies to make a circuit and I never knew bananas could be used as a piano.”

In Year 5 they did their comprehension lesson as a quiz online, which made it more fun and engaging. Mr Adam gave them two options, one where he had pre-recorded himself reading the text and the other without. Years 5 and 6 did a Project lesson that included Jamboard (a particular piece of software) which enabled them to write their ideas on electronic Post-It notes and see each other's thoughts about the questions they were answering. Additionally, Adam brought in a VR headset that gave them the opportunity to experience WWI as if they were on the frontline with other soldiers.