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Wandsworth Prep Accepts Bronze Eco-Schools Award

27th June 2019 | School Council

Wandsworth Prep Accepts Bronze Eco-Schools Award

The Wandsworth Prep School Green Ambassadors and School Council are so excited because they have just received their bronze Eco-Schools Award for their efforts to make Wandsworth Prep School more eco-friendly.

Last year, children in both committees, identified through a questionnaire which areas the school needed to focus on to be more eco-friendly and the results kickstarted a recycling project. They wrote a letter to the local council who came to the school and did an audit, alongside the children, of the rubbish thrown out. Then, putting their heads together, the children thought about ways in which the school could reduce, reuse and recycle!

They have placed recycling bags all around the school and held an assembly to explain to the rest of the school about how we can recycle. This is the first step towards becoming more eco-friendly and protecting our planet. Both councils look forward to continuing this project in Autumn and working towards their silver Eco-Schools Award next year!