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Wandsworth Prep Announce appointment of new Headteacher

27th Mar 2020

Wandsworth Prep Announce appointment of new Headteacher

Introducing Jo Fife, Headteacher of Wandsworth Preparatory School from September 2020.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Jo Fife as the new Headteacher of Wandsworth Preparatory School. Selected from an impressive field of candidates, Jo succeeds Bridget Saul and will take up her post in September 2020.

Jo has been teaching at Wandsworth Prep since 2015 and has been instrumental in the school’s development; establishing the new Upper School and leading Literacy and 11+ examinations, both of which were assessed as 'Excellent' in September 2019 Inspection.

September 2020 will mark Jo’s 24th year in education; during her career she has held Senior Leadership roles at Wandsworth Prep and Wimbledon Park Primary School where she was Assistant Headteacher. She has been both a University Lecturer and an Education Consultant delivering professional development and teacher training to schools and universities.

What motivated you to become a teacher, and what continues to attract you to the profession?

Put quite simply – children. I have always been at my happiest around children and have found teaching to be an enormously rewarding career. Learning is never a sedentary process which makes it exciting.  There are always new ways to learn, new approaches, new ideas and as the world changes, so does the teaching and learning around it.

Looking back to your time as a teacher, what are your fondest memories?

Too many to possibly comment on. Fondest memories are always around children who have beaten all the odds to achieve something incredible and to break out of their shells and fly! Seeing children leave primary school with such confidence has always left a lump in my throat… preparatory education is, and should always be, the absolute foundation for a happy life of learning.

What are some of the things you are proudest of?

I’m extremely proud of creative teaching moments where the momentum has built around learning so strongly that the children have driven the learning forwards themselves. 

I would also have to say leading and building a community. I have been very proud of the positive communities I have created either through leading a teaching team, parent community or school key stage.  It has always been my passion to spot the potential in others and to encourage them to achieve to their highest potential.

What is your vision for Wandsworth Prep?

To realise its incredible potential. I have seen first-hand how it can positively transform children’s learning and their lives. I have always believed that the highest academic standards should go hand in hand with the highest levels of creativity and engagement across the whole curriculum. I want to see a full, happy, vibrant school bustling with inspirational learning and community interaction.

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