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Wandsworth Prep to Develop as Sporting Centre of Excellence with Wannabeez

6th November 2012

With the excitement of the recent London 2012 Olympics captivating hearts and inspiring a whole new generation of young athletes, and plans for the 2015 Rugby World Cup Legacy programme already making headlines, Wandsworth Prep School is thrilled to announce its plans to develop as a Sporting Centre of Excellence in partnership with Wannabeez. Providing an exciting and enriching multi-sport PE programme to our Reception pupils, Wannabeez’s highly experienced coaches and teachers provide consolidated sports training which is revolutionising early years’ activity by taking children from ‘play to sport’. The children at Wandsworth Prep enjoy sessions of specific sport, progressive lessons that develop cognitive, emotional and social skills. Weekly sessions in Reception cover four sports beginning with fundamental movement skills introducing children to tennis, netball, rugby and cricket. Wannabeez and Wandsworth Prep have joined together in partnership to plan, implement and deliver a unique, multi sport, whole school PE curriculum which encourages pupils to see physical activity as a fun and exciting part of everyday life. Angus Norriss, Wannabeez Managing Director, describes the benefits of the programme: 'The adoption of a multisport programme is groundbreaking for the area. Giving the children of Wandsworth Prep the chance to sample sports that they would otherwise not participate in until more formative years will provide a very good foundation of skill and movement to enter any sport they want to try.' As a Sporting Centre of Excellence, PE at Wandsworth Prep will help pupils develop the fundamental movement skills that will provide the foundation for learning fundamental sports skills at older ages. Headteacher, Miss Melissa McBride comments on the integration of the Wannabeez Programme into the Reception PE Curriculum. "Having the Wannabeez team on board to deliver part of our PE curriculum at Wandsworth Prep School has provided a level of expertise and coaching knowledge within sport during the Foundation Stage which would not have been possible otherwise. The children look forward to their weekly sessions with the Wannabeez coaches, and have progressed immensely in their skills and genuinely have a love of sport. It is fantastic to see both boys and girls running with Rugby balls on the Common. I am thrilled to have Wannabeez on board to drive our PE curriculum forward as we expand into KS1 and KS2 next year, and look forward to seeing the children progress as we emerge as a Sporting Centre of Excellence."