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WPS Bake Off

24th June 2021

WPS Bake Off

The inaugural WPS Bake Off, set up by our wonderful PTA, was a huge success! Never has the 'tent' been so full of delicious delights. Every pupil was able to visit the Judge's 'Tent' with two precious counters. Each counter represented a vote which they could place against their favourite entry from Bubble A and one from Bubble B. The room was abuzz with opinions, oohs and aahs. Mr Abdel, our talented chef, also toured the room with the menacing air of Paul Hollywood.

These were the winners!

Bubble A

Commendations went to Christopher in Reception and Benjamin in Year 1.

Leela was the winner for her heart shaped sweetie cake!

Bubble B

Commendations went to Xanthe in Year 6 and Amelia in Year 5.

Clara in Year 4 was the winner for her frosty decorated fruity cake!

Pupil choice winners were Hugo H in Year 1 for his under the sea treasure chest complete with sea, octopus tentacles and delicious treasure inside...and who could not fall in love with Charlotte in Year 5’s little owls and those eyes!

This is definitely an event we would like to continue next year...but with one huge year, without Covid restrictions, we will be able to taste home baked goods AT SCHOOL - HOORAY! Bravo to all the children that took part and keep up the baking at home.