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Year 1 Get Creative to Expand Cultural Knowledge

23rd May 2019 | Year 1

Year 1 Get Creative to Expand Cultural Knowledge

This term, the children in Year 1 are learning about countries from different continents all over the world. This topic is so important for the children to develop an awareness of other cultures and traditions. The children are learning to recognise where the country is (e.g. on a world map) as well as recognise the countries flags, important landmarks and key features.

Over the past week in the children's project lessons, Year 1 have been learning about China. The children learned that in China, dragons are a symbol of good luck. The children have spent time discussing the importance of the dragon to Chinese people as a symbol of good luck. They also learnt that the dragon dance is performed as part of Chinese New Year celebrations. The longer the dance, the more luck is brought!

The children were then challenged to create their own large class dragon as well as their own individual dragons, making use of their art skills to trace, cut and glue pieces together. All the children showed excellent problem-solving skills in order to work out how many sales were needed for the dragon as well as the required patterns for the best visual effect. Working together as a group, the children were able to develop their collaboration skills; whilst also using independence to create their own dragons. 

Well done Year 1 for your hard work and brilliant creations. See some photos of the Year 1 dragon creation in our photo gallery.