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Year 1 Poetry to be Published in Special Anthology

13th June 2019 | Year 1

Year 1 Poetry to be Published in Special Anthology

In March, the children in Year 1 entered the 'World's Best Mum' Young Writer's Competition to celebrate work they had done in English surrounding Mother's Day. 

The children were challenged to write a poem about a special person that plays an important role in their lives. The children dedicated their poems to their mums, grandmothers or female figures who have always been someone special to them. The children used the poems to say thank you for all the things they have done for them or tell them why they are such a huge part of their lives. The children worked on their use of adjectives to describe someone as well as similes to say what they are 'as' or 'like'.

This week, the children in Year 1 were extremely excited to find out that their Mother's Day poems have been selected to be published as part of the Young Writer's Competition. The poems will be included in a special anthology, titled 'World's Best Mum - Thankful Thoughts', to be released at the end of August.

A huge well done to the Year 1 children for their brilliant poetry writing.