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Year 3 and 4: An expedition of exploration throughout Wandsworth Prep

11th February 2022 | Year 3, Year 4

Year 3 and 4: An expedition of exploration throughout Wandsworth Prep

Wandsworth Prep believes in showcasing the children’s learning in an exhibition style, enabling the children to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills they have acquired during this topic. They travelled on a historical journey from learning about Gudrid, the only female Viking explorer, to modern day Britain and our very own 21st century explorer, Pen Hadow. These presentation skills are something we develop throughout their time at school and are part of the school’s commitment for children to become ‘Clear and Confident Communicators’.

Having been introduced by Isaac Santiago (Mr Alastair’s wonderful fictitious explorer), the children welcomed parents by performing a song, written by Mr Seb, about Howard Carter. Next, the pupils took their parents to different exhibits throughout the school explaining a plethora of things from how to mummify a body as if they were the Egyptians, to the work of David Livingstone in his exploration of Africa. Parents were asked to complete a gruelling job interview, drawings, quizzes and even an obstacle course training for an Antarctic expedition!

Integrating drama into the Project is our commitment to making learning come alive! Transforming the hall into Shackleton’s ship, The Endurance, pupils produced a piece of truly gripping theatre that told the story of an unsuccessful mission to cross Antarctica. The acting was superb. What a way to end a fantastic night! Congratulations to the pupils, Miss Anna and Mr Seb for a unique and memorable learning experience.