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Year 3 and 4 Challenge Themselves at Windmill Hill

13th June 2019 | Year 3, Year 4

Year 3 and 4 Challenge Themselves at Windmill Hill

'Parents Get Lost', the acronym that is used for PGL by children that attend this fantastic adventure camp set in all areas of the UK and abroad.

As well as the academic side, Wandsworth Prep School identifies the significant importance of developing pastoral, social and problem-solving life skills that prepare children for their future. In the beautiful setting of East Sussex, the children arrived at Windmill Hill PGL camp with anticipation for the adventure ahead. The group met their trip leader, who explained the activities the children were going to take part in; the feelings between Year 3 and 4 were a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Ahead of PGL, each child wrote their own personal goal about what they would like to focus on. Through the activities the children took part in, such as the giant swing, abseiling, raft building, 'all aboard' totem pole, challenge course, tunnel trail and the last night disco, the children were able to achieve their goals and develop a growth mindset and resilience towards new challenges.

The PGL staff were fantastic and very supportive with this by asking what the pupils wanted to achieve from their trip, boosting morale through songs and helping children understand and push through their limits. As well as taking part in exciting activities, the trip reinforces independence and maturity. Without their parents, the children develop a high level of this and some of them, for the first time, learn how to make their beds, choose appropriate clothing for the day and organise themselves and their belongings.

One of the most interesting things to see was when the children were asked by the instructor to 'take their sheets off their beds'; a variety of examples of this were seen but the children got there in the end! Overall, however, one of the most valuable things was the development of friendships throughout both year groups. Children showed values of kindness, positivity and helping friends in need as well as a maturity to empathise towards other people on the trip.

A fantastic trip with a fantastic group of children - well done Year 3 and 4! Watch the video below to see some of the values that we achieved throughout our trip.