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Year 5 and 6: A whirl of World War II at Wandsworth Prep

11th February 2022 | Year 5, Year 6

Year 5 and 6: A whirl of World War II at Wandsworth Prep

Year 5 and 6 studied World War II as part of their Project in the first term and as its finale, they transported Wandsworth Prep School back to the 1940s for the evening. 

Termly Projects always finish with a showcase because it is a chance for pupils to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during their studies to their parents and to finish the topic with an exciting event. It is something for the pupils to work towards with a tangible purpose to their learning, rather than simply having the last lesson in their books or a piece of work on the wall. 

Project is the first theme on the school’s development plan and is all about igniting passion for the foundation subjects, making connections between them and the wider world, and having a deeper understanding. By having a wonderful event at the end of the study, pupils will have achieved each of these aims. 

In their 1940s costumes, the parents were welcomed by Winston Churchill (Hollie made a wonderful speech). Next, the pupils took their parents on a journey with four interactive rooms that showed different elements of the Home Front: rationing, jobs for the war effort, code breaking and evacuation.  Year 5 and 6 taught their parents how to decipher codes at Bletchley Park, guided them on how to do a weekly meal plan with rations, persuaded them to sign up to a job sector that would help Britain win the war and treated them like evacuees in the countryside. The pupils had enormous fun being the instructors and being in character for the evening. 

For the finale of the evening the children had prepared a brilliant performance in their Drama sessions. The parents were enthralled and moved by their children’s acting as they went through the Second World War in twenty minutes! They covered everything from Chamberlain declaring war to building Anderson shelters during The Blitz to the American soldiers coming to support and finishing off with a knees-up to Getting in the Mood.

It is evenings like these that make learning at Wandsworth Prep what it is - creative, exciting and memorable, and something these children and their parents will cherish for many years to come.