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Year 6 Leadership and Responsibility Roles

8th July 2019 | Year 6

Year 6 Leadership and Responsibility Roles

With great power comes great responsibility and part of being a Year 6 pupil at Wandsworth Prep means being a role model and setting a good example to all the younger children in the school.

Often idolised and very much looked up to, Year 6 have always set the standards that the other children work hard to follow. A facet of this responsibility is the taking on of a specific role within the school, becoming a Leader in a specific area, working to promote it and nurture continuing growth within the school.

For next year, with a bigger cohort, we have extended the range of roles and responsibilities available. In 2019 - 2020, we will not only continue to have Reading Leaders and ICT Leaders, but we will also have children working as P.E. Leaders and in an exciting new development, as Wellbeing Leaders.

Each group of Leaders will support the school, the teachers and the younger pupils in their area, helping to organise equipment and school events throughout the year. A further responsibility for the Leaders will be to help create articles and videos for the school newsletter and, during assemblies, to feedback to the rest of the school about the wonderful things happening in their areas.

However, the biggest role for each group will be the organising and running of weekly sessions for children further down the school. The P.E. Leaders will run sports sessions, such as football and rugby, on the playground for children in Lower School, while Reading Leaders will encourage younger pupils with activities like book clubs and reluctant reader sessions. The ICT Leaders will be hoping to inspire Middle School activities like coding and app introductory sessions and the Wellbeing Leaders will be supporting the whole school with sessions, such as circle time for children with worries and peer mediation for groups with friendship issues.

With such a wonderful group of children in Year 6 next year, Wandsworth Prep is definitely in great hands!