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Year 6 Leaving Videos

15th July 2020

Year 6 Leaving Videos

In Year 6's last term at Wandsworth Prep they have been busy putting their creative skills into practice with a number of videos to share with parents and fellow pupils at school. 

Starting off with their music video adaptation of the song "7 years" by Conor Maynard, here's the lyrics:

Once I was in Reception
My Mama told me 
Go get yourself to school or you’ll be lonely 
Once I was in Reception

When I was in Year 1
It was a different story
I learnt to read, to write
To think, to sing
And not to worry!

We just sipped on apple juice
And went to Forest School
We adored our teachers and we
Were just really cool

Once I was in Year 2
I tried an instrument, 
I loved it and I danced away my worries,
Once I was in Year 2

When I was in Year 3
We loved all our projects
We all ran around the park
And sipped on our hot chocolate

Something about our year 3
Was just so super happy
We laughed, we smiled
We skipped, we played
We had a really good time!

Once I was in Year 4
My life was pretty chilled
We played pokemon
And all loved dancing
We all loved Year 4! 

When I was in Year 5
Top trumps was all the rage
We played and played 
And played and played
And played and played!

11+ was looming
But we were so brave
We all worked hard and smashed it out
And did amazingly

Once I was in Year 6,
Sitting on the benches
Helping all the younger ones before me
Once I was in Year 6

Now our tale’s been told
We’re off to Senior School
We’ve travelled through the school
And we have loved it!

Byebye Wandsworth Prep 
Byebye Wandsworth Prep

Then they took part in "The Great Escape" will they escape any what will they be??


And lastly we wish them well as after a very unusual final year at Wandsworth Prep, they have been absolute superstars in their approach to it all showing true resilience - they are absolutely leaving on a high!

Goodbye and Good luck Year 6 - Class of 2020!