Take a look at how we've reacted to lockdown...

“The most amazing thing of all, is how WPS has maintained such a tremendous sense of community, completely in line with their school values. The nurture and support is still there, as is the sense of fun. It is truly outstanding what they have achieved.”

“I have spoken to many friends with children of similar ages during this lockdown and none of them have been lucky enough to receive a similar level of education.”

“I have been overwhelmed by the dedication, support, hard work and patience the teachers have shown during online learning. They have instilled resilience, accountability and positivity in our children during this time of uncertainty.”

“During the lockdown the teachers really went the extra mile to remain close to the children and engage them in both curricular and social activities.”

“The teachers and WPS are doing the most incredible job!!! We are grateful for the structure and routine in this very weird time.”

“By making learning fun they are stimulating the children to learn despite these circumstances and they log on with pleasure every morning.”

"From my conversations with parents from a variety of schools, I am confident that the online provision being offered by WPS is second to none."

“While the chosen online methods did work from day one, the teachers never stopped adapting and extending the forms of teaching."

“We are blown away by the incredible resources for learning given by the teachers. As a family we have felt hugely supported over a very challenging time.”

“As a working parent, having WPS supporting us has made a truly tricky time a lot easier to deal with. Am so grateful that my son goes to WPS, I always knew I had made the right choice but the manner that everyone has stepped up during Covid has just confirmed this.”

“I have a friend who is a teacher in a reputable private school in Cambridge and she has commented on how high the standards are at Wandsworth Prep in comparison.

“Planning for the closure was exceptional during the early weeks when the threat of closure existed - communications was professional, clear, but also compassionate and reassuring.”

“Right from the outset we were incredibly impressed with the confidence that WPS instils in each child and have watched our daughter grow and develop tremendously throughout her time at the school. During this crisis, the agility of WPS to adapt to a new format of learning was remarkable.”

“In the end, it is about shaping robust and confident personalities for today’s world and I feel the education during lockdown strikes exactly the right balance. I think Wandsworth Prep is unique in their caring approach and I have not heard of anything that lives up to that standard in my surroundings.”

“We have nothing but praise for our child’s teacher, he is loved by students and teachers alike. Wandsworth Prep is an outstanding school!"

“We have been so impressed by the way online learning has engaged our daughter and kept her motivated. She is really enjoying her learning and feels connected to her friends and school - thank you.”

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