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Year 2 write-ups of the London Workshop for Parents

4th Dec 2015

Year 2 recently held a workshop for parents to showcase everything they had learnt about London.

Read a couple of the children's write-ups about the workshop, below.

Written by Amaya, Year 2

At the start of the London show Harriet said her lines.  One of her lines was "Now we are going to sing the National Anthem." So a choir sung the National Anthem.  But I didn't sing it because I was Queen Elizabeth II.  After Harriet said her lines she was also my Lady In Waiting and then she picked up my cape.  Then my Lady In Waiting and The Queen sat down and everybody else sat down on the ground.  When everyone sat down I said my lines and then I took questions.  On one of them I said "Send her to the tower".  After all the questions we all saw The Three Boys painted by Murillo but Evie, Mia and Charlie acted it out.  Then we went to Guy Fawkes by Amara, Nick and Andre.  Afterwards we did a vote about fireworks.  I was in the no fireworks team and then we did a picture contest.  My Mummy won.

Written by Nick, Year 2

At the end of the show we had cucumber sandwiches.  I liked my performance when I said "I can't do the 4th November - I have a football match."  I liked the other performances a bit.

Year 2 write-ups of the London Workshop for Parents

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