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20th Sep 2018

The end of the academic year 2017 -18 etched a significant milestone in the young history and development of Wandsworth Prep School; we said farewell to our first cohort of leavers in Year 6. To date, focus has been on ensuring that we establish ourselves as a Prep School whose identity is by no means purely defined by our ability to prepare children successfully for a diverse spread of schools at 11+. Rather than just turning out young people who are highly-skilled at passing exams, integral to the character of Wandsworth Prep is a commitment to a spread of excellence, encouraging children to achieve in the classroom, on the stage, the sports’ field or on canvas.

With a blend of tradition and innovation, the coming years will see the School develop the legacy which has been established thus far. Our concern is quite simply that children are happy and are learning. Our duty is to help each child to find his or her talents and to provide avenues and encouragement for these to be pursued. Our hope is that the children who come to Wandsworth Prep will leave as happy, confident and kind individuals, with the skills required to be independent learners, well-prepared for their next stage in learning with a natural readiness to embrace the challenges of an ever-changing world.

As a staff, we will be engaged in conversations surrounding how to learn in the 21st century. Until recently the emphasis in schools has been on teaching, with the assumption that good teaching leads to learning. For all the busyness of schools, the action that really, really matters, is learning.

Aside from ensuring that our children are afforded first-rate learning opportunities in the classroom, how the future development of the School manifests itself, we hope, will be seen in the attitudes and achievements of our children. We want children to pursue ideas for their own sake, not simply in order to pass exams. We want to see our children engaged in a range of activities and opportunities beyond the curriculum to develop their skills, talents and interests. We want them to develop their resilience and enjoyment of challenge, to think for themselves, solve problems and be prepared to have the confidence to take risks and learn through their mistakes. By the time children leave us, we hope that they will have developed the confidence to express their own voice and the self-belief to realise that anything is possible.

During the coming years, we hope you will see a school where children are inspired and challenged to develop their strengths and passions and achieve the highest academic and personal standards for themselves. A school where learning is the ultimate adventure.

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