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2020 Vision

19th September 2019 | Head's Blog

September 2019 witnesses Wandsworth Prep embark on the second year of its 2020 strategic development journey; a journey that will see us through to July 2021. At the heart of the strategic plan, is developing the legacy that has been established thus far; give children the confidence to make their own decisions and formulate their own ideas in their learning; take ownership of their learning journey and challenge themselves to take calculated risks; view mistakes as part of the learning process and have the courage to question what they see and hear, not restricted to the walls of the classroom.

Driving the next phase of the School’s journey, is not solely what our children will achieve during their time here with us, but what and whom they will become when they leave us. We want our children to leave us as the best version of themselves that they can possibly be, buttressed by a natural readiness to embrace the challenges of an ever-changing world. 

School, as we see it, is a microcosm of the world. Alongside the grit and resilience that our children so readily display, this year, we will be challenging our children with the fundamental questions about how they live their lives. Through engagement with our set of core values, we hope that our children will make a difference through who and how they are. The values that we have chosen, should serve to ensure that our children are equipped with the social capacities to help them work with, and relate effectively to others, leading to the self-esteem and confidence they need to explore and develop their full potential. 

In the classroom, children and teachers alike will be engaged in conversations to tease out the next steps to be taken to achieve their learning goals. What might have seemed impossible, we hope, will become possible, when the children themselves are empowered to identify barriers to progress.

During the coming year, we hope you will see a School where children are inspired and challenged to develop their strengths and passions and achieve the highest academic and personal standards for themselves. We hope that you will see in your children, the ability to empathise with others; independent-mindedness and reflection; embrace of challenge; and a subtle confidence.