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Challenging Ourselves for the Years Ahead!

22nd October 2021 | Head's Blog

Challenging Ourselves for the Years Ahead!

I get excited about School Development Plans. You might think that’s strange as there are usually lots of consultations, meetings and form filling in...but I love it. It’s the time when we look at our school and ask ourselves how we can improve the quality of our children’s educational experience while they are with us and how this will help prepare them for the real world.

Our three themes for the coming years:

Theme 1: Project: Challenging, Deepening and Igniting

Theme 2: Embracing the Wider World The WPS Way

Theme 3: Confident and Clear Communicators

We are continuing to focus on the unique way we teach foundation subjects through ‘WPS Project’. We must ensure that our teaching is rigorous, challenging and inspiring so pupils make connections and make sense of their knowledge and understanding in the wider world. As the foundation subject learning is connected around a topic/project, the children have time to deepen their understanding and learn new skills around an all encompassing project. We know if we have been successful if pupils are going home to discuss their learning and begging their parents to buy books about the topic or pestering them to visit museums! Read Miss Natalie’s article about our 3 Projects happening this Autumn term to get an idea of the depth and breadth of understanding around Space, Explorers and World War I.

Our second theme is the inauguration of ‘The WPS Way’; this is a badge system that will encourage pupils to experiment and embrace new experiences, have a wider conception of the different ways people live their lives and the courage to try something new. Miss Katie has begun the process with a series of badges for Forest School but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next couple of years we will put together a programme of opportunities to encourage young people to broaden their outlooks on the world.

Our third theme is challenging all of our pupils to become ‘Confident and Clear Communicators’. We will be advancing pupils’ communications skills in the spoken and written word so they understand the importance of dialogue, connection with others and the need for clarity to aid understanding. We are known for our Project showcases giving all pupils the opportunity to present their knowledge to parents and visitors but now we want to challenge pupils even further. Watch this space for new and exciting debating opportunities alongside writing opportunities that will ensure the reader can access all of their ideas.

Let the experiences begin!