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Challenging times

13th March 2015

With two weeks to go until the end of term, Reception have been focusing on developing and improving their body shape in the water, just in time to showcase during their Easter vacation! The whole class has become more confident in the water as the term has progressed, with each child varying between using two floats, one float or no floatation aid depending on their individual need.

Out of the pool, Year 1 have vastly improved their sending and receiving skills. The children have worked individually (bouncing and catching), in pairs (rolling and bouncing) and in small groups sending (passing) a ball along a zigzag line.

At the beginning of the week, Years 2 and 3 were set a challenge to improve their throwing and catching. On Monday, the children stayed on site and used the indoor hall. In the hall, the children worked in pairs throwing and catching, starting with a medium sized ball before moving onto smaller tennis balls. The main focus was to maintain eye contact with the ball, testing their partner with a variety of different passes (bounce, chest, lob).

Later in the week, we continued to work on our rounders skills. To warm up, the Year 2s were challenged to complete 30 catches with a partner in two minutes and the Year 3s were challenged to complete 50 catches with a partner in two minutes. The class was then divided into two small groups to play ‘Run them out’ ; a fielding game designed to test the fielding of a rolling ball under pressure as a member of the opposite team attempts to complete a run between the posts. To finish these two small teams played a conditioned game of rounders to improve our understanding of the game.

Next week is a busy week for WPS. On Monday, Year 1 have a football match against Finton House and on Tuesday, Year 2 and 3 have a football match against The Dolphin School (one boys' match, one girls' match).

Mr Jim