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Guest blog from Education Director at Bellevue Education

15th December 2016

Guest blog from Education Director at Bellevue Education

It was a privilege to be invited along to the Museum of Memories project celebration of Key Stage 2’s learning, last night. There was clearly so much hard work from the children and a real sense of ownership and engagement came across emphatically; the experts confidently shared their learning across a range of genres and the exhibition and gallery were a tantalizing introduction to what was to come in the performance. I was particularly impressed with the level of detail that the children were able to share about their personalised projects, their Pathé film about the differing aspects of WWII and the effort that went in to making everything look so professional.

The superb drama was executed skilfully by the children and I particularly loved the romantic cinematic extravaganza! This was a truly immersive experience in learning, and every child demonstrated effusive enthusiasm from start to finish and had opportunity to show their talents – and what a talented bunch they are!

This kind of creative learning I know is something that Wandsworth Prep are passionate about and it offers an inimitable experience for their pupils. It is something that makes the school unique and is incredibly highly valued by teachers, parents and pupils alike. I am certainly impressed with the outcomes for our pupils through this approach and having spoken to many of the parents, pupils and teachers last night, this approach is something that makes Wandsworth Prep a very special place.

Sam Selby

Education Director - Bellevue Education