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Project Work at Wandsworth

24th March 2016 | Head's Blog

Project Work at Wandsworth

I never fail to be impressed by the quality of the projects undertaken by the children at Wandsworth Prep. The end of term project showcases are a clear demonstration as to how we approach teaching and learning here at Wandsworth Prep and what makes us so unique; unique in the sense that our unfailing belief that creativity and achievement go hand in hand see your children reach standards to which they aspire and, at the same time, acquire skills that will prepare them for success far beyond our walls.

Making learning experiences for our children meaningful and memorable is a central part of our ethos. Whilst the objectives may be taken from the National Curriculum, we have the liberty as an independent school, to go beyond these and the outcomes we achieve through framing our children’s learning have tangible impact on not only their enjoyment, but also their achievement.  The care and attention taken, for example, by children in Years 3 and 4 when writing their own books to be published and launched at a book signing, might not have been so greatly applied had they been asked to sit at a desk and write a story, only to be left to fester in an exercise book.

At the start of term, children in Year 2 were commissioned to run an animal sanctuary for wild and domestic cats and dogs. The key objectives underpinning the project, were for children to develop their understanding of animals and habitats. The outcomes, however, reached far beyond the realms of scientific understanding; children displayed empathy beyond their years with the plight of endangered species.

Children in Reception and Year 1 have been working together as a specialist team of Island Scientists. At the start of the project, children received a commission from the Indonesian government to investigate some environmental mysteries that had beleaguered life on a far flung island. Children documented their scientific findings ranging from how to ensure the safety of sea life following an oil spill to booklets advising visitors how to safeguard vegetation. It would be a challenge to find many children who benefit from such rich and exciting learning experiences at such a young age.

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