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Spring Term Forest School Update

3rd February 2014 | School Blog

It has been a busy term at Forest School so far for the children in Reception and Year 1! The children have enjoyed an enormous range of activities which have ignited their curiosities for learning, exploring and discovering.Children visited the rangers and learnt that horses are measured in hands. They took turns to find out their own measurements in hands and also enjoyed stroking the horses.They have been tree climbing, built stick houses, had puddle jumping competitions and investigated measuring the depth of puddles using sticks. They delighted in having running and rolling races and rolling object races down a large hill. They followed 'the yellow brick road' and made many camps!After much digging for treasure, the children finally uncovered some pottery and chains and were introduced to the term ‘archeology’. They played at being archeologists and dug up their treasure, examining the evidence and creating stories around the objects they found.As this term’s Mantle of the Expert topic was being revealed, the children found and then reconstructed a viking long house and monastery and brought the long house to life in-role as Viking characters going about daily life. They ‘dug up the remains of a monastery' and could tell it was a monastery due to the date and other key features. They cleverly decided that there was evidence that, at some point, the door had been forced open and smashed. A discussion ensued about the cause and, of course, everyone agreed it was probably Vikings!See photos from Reception and Year 1’s exciting term at Forest School: