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The Joy of Independence

14th February 2020 | Head's Blog

Faced with abundant choice, in both the maintained and independent sectors, parents who visit Wandsworth Prep frequently ask why they should choose to entrust us with their child’s education.

One of the most pressing challenges facing the maintained sector in the current educational climate is class size, so much so, that an urgent government agenda has been drawn up to cap class sizes, particularly in primary schools.  The drive behind the government’s manifesto, are outcomes from research which concluded that children in smaller classes are more likely to benefit from more focussed attention from their teachers, afforded simply by teacher time. Translated in to practice, teachers are able to teach in a more targeted and differentiated manner, thus meeting the needs of each child on a daily basis.

At Wandsworth Prep, our small class sizes are a significant strength. Our teachers are able to spend quality time with each child, allowing them to get to know their personal strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, thus ensuring that their individual needs are met. As a result, our children reach way beyond their potential might suggest. What we are able to do, is bring out the best in each child.

Class sizes, however, are not our only strength. A key part of our success can also be found in the all-round education that we deliver. The skills and character traits which our children learn and develop, through participating in school plays and music ensembles, to playing competitive sport and taking part in outdoors education, better equips them to become confident and successful life-long learners.

Whilst what our children learn is underpinned by the National Curriculum, we are not bound by its constraints. Instead, we apply the most appropriate elements and enhance the curriculum where necessary to provide innovative and challenging learning opportunities that are crucial in laying the foundation of core knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure future success. At Wandsworth Prep, you will find four year olds learning Spanish, six year olds recreating the works of Vincent Van Gogh and nine year olds engaging with the works of J R Tolkien.

With an emphasis on happiness and ensuring that children achieve in a secure environment, Wandsworth Prep is a school with rigour yet a truly independent streak.

Watch our video on Being Independent.