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The Joy of Music

10th December 2020 | Head's Blog

The Joy of Music

‘Tis the season of festivals with Hanukkah this week and of course, Christmas on its way. With festivals comes music and it’s been important to us to keep music alive at Wandsworth Prep. Sharing music, singing and playing - to me, that sums up community. And if we can’t get together in the same room to enjoy music, then, in the spirit of Christmas, we must move heaven and earth to make the music come to you!

Piano, guitar, violin and voice soloists have travelled across the airwaves into front rooms, offices and classrooms! Each of our instrumental concerts were visited by an expert to inspire the children. A West End singer and performer for our voice students, a guitarist, composer and singer from Germany, a wonderful teenage pianist from Kings College and his talented younger violin playing brother and our very own Mr Mark performing violin.

Giving our students the chance to ask questions to these experts, to people who are a little further along the road, inspires the children to keep going. It is hard to persevere with an instrument at the beginning of the journey, especially those instruments that require expertise just to make a sound! It takes time and hours and hours of patience and dedication. But it’s like everything in life, things that take time and patience are things that last and that make us feel truly satisfied.

And talking of feeling truly satisfied...I, today, am truly satisfied. It was our Christmas festivities day and we were determined to make it more fun that it had ever been before. If 2020 is getting you down, just watch the children sing their Christmas songs to camera, with the wonderful Miss Hepz playing piano in the background, surrounded by Christmas trees and see their faces when the surprise snow machine turns on.

Pure unadulterated joy…

...and that was just mine.

Happy holidays everyone and stay safe.