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The Learning Review

23rd May 2019 | Head's Blog, Guest Blog

The Learning Review

In the penultimate week of the first half of the Summer Term I had the delight of leading a team to undertake Wandsworth Prep’s annual Learning Review. Across the Bellevue group, teams of teachers are able to engage in deep and meaningful educational discussions across all its schools. Conversations centre around the continued drive to add value to our children’s educational experience, therefore giving each and every child the best opportunities to develop as independent learners, who naturally challenge themselves.

The team were lucky enough to spend two days at Wandsworth Prep. During this time we visited all the classrooms, shared professional dialogue with colleagues and spoke with children and parents from across the school. From all this information gathered, we were able to share our findings with the school leadership team and Bellevue Governance. Such a review allows current practice to be reviewed in a developmental way thus sharing current strengths as well as offering advice on areas to move forward. The process is collaborative and collegiate and one which schools find very supportive and useful.

Upon my arrival, I was struck by the warmth of the whole school community and this atmosphere was evident throughout our visit. The children greeted us in an extremely friendly manner and were thoroughly engaged in all the activities they were experiencing. The teachers have fostered a learning climate so that the children have the confidence to question what they are learning, therefore enabling them to develop independent approaches to the tasks set.

What I would particularly like to take back to my school was the way learning partners cooperated together. The team’s observation of learning partners across the whole school showed us how embedded and seamless this process was. The children gain so much from this particular approach and it links so importantly to those crucial life skills of listening to one another’s ideas, supporting with key advice and finally challenging thoughts in a constructive but nurturing way.

It was a real pleasure to have part of the review team at Wandsworth Prep and I look forward to an invite from Bridget in the near future.

Marc Bennet

Sherborne House School