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15th July 2021 | Head's Blog


Parents, children and teachers and all the staff at Wandsworth Prep should be giving themselves a huge pat on the back right now. Everyone should be so proud of themselves. We have proved that when we work together - we can achieve anything!

I would like to dedicate my final blog of the academic year to our wonderful pupils in Year 6. We are delighted to host many end of year traditional Year 6 events to mark and celebrate the end of their time at Wandsworth Prep: they stand tall in their Leavers’ 2021 Hoodies; design their own themed Leavers’ party; set up their own business for Business Enterprise; star in the Upper School musical; and share their reflections of their time at Wandsworth Prep in a speech to parents at our Speech Day. Each event is designed to build confidence and encourage innovation and responsibility.

The 2021 cohort have been such role models for the rest of the school - each one of them talented in their own right and superb leaders. We have been extremely proud of our PE, Reading, ICT and Wellbeing leaders. Their ideas and actions truly make a difference to the lives of the children at the school.

Watching Year 6 children fulfil their potential and grow ‘out’ of a school is my greatest pleasure. They are the big fish in our pond... the birds ready to fly the nest. We have done our job properly when they don’t need us anymore, they feel strong, confident and brave enough to fly! We wish them every success at the fantastic new schools they will be joining in September.