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Why We Chose Kindness

14th March 2019 | Head's Blog

Why We Chose Kindness

In any workplace, one person can set the tone of an entire environment. They do not have to be the most senior person, but their presence, nevertheless, dictates a positive or negative atmosphere. Regardless of the vision and values of that workplace, that person can have an overarching impact; schools, are no different.

Humans’ ability to be compassionate and empathetic are two of the qualities that set us apart from other animals. Our unique capacity for imagination allows us the ability to put ourselves in the place of another human being, thus enabling us to act in ways that support them; kindness is one.

Think, if you are able, of a time when someone was unkind to you; be it intentional, or not. How did it make you feel? When a person experiences unkindness, they recall the impact; inability to concentrate; reduced self-confidence; increased self-doubt.

This academic year, we have focussed on defining the school’s values, which we hope will be the golden thread that serves to create an environment which not only enhances our children’s academic achievement, yet develops their social skills to last them their lifetime. Kindness is one of the values we chose.

Much as unkindness can have a lasting impact, so may kindness.

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’


To read more about our values, you can visit the 'Our Values' webpage on our website.

Bridget Saul