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Year 3: 19 September 2014

19th September 2014

This Week:Mantle: Having researched and planned, we joined Year 2 in stepping foot on the newly discovered island for the first time. At Forest School, we collected samples of plants to take back to our laboratory for further research. Stepping foot on the island was an exciting experience and we have been writing poems about our senses, inspired by our feelings.Numeracy: This week we have looked at column addition with a specific focus on writing one number below the other and then add one column at a time.Next Week:Mantle: We will be setting up our laboratory with a focus on investigating plant life. The investigations will give us further clues as to life on the newly discovered island.Numeracy: We will be focusing on multiplication and division in particular the 3 and 4 times table.At Home:Daily reading: Bug Club should also still be accessible to the children. Please let Miss Jess know if your child can’t access their profile or if new titles need to be added for them. Practise 3 and 4 times table at home.