Growth Mindset

At Wandsworth Prep, we want every pupil in our care to be a successful learner. Most importantly, we recognise that instilling positive attitudes towards learning will ensure pupils progress and reach their potential. Consequently, a key concept which shapes the ethos of our school is Growth Mindset, based on the work of Carol Dweck.

As a Growth Mindset school we actively encourage challenge, resilience and effort in all of our pupils. We believe that everyone’s abilities and talents can be developed through dedication and hard work. We aim to create a love of learning coupled with a culture of resilience in the face of challenge and difficulties. In practice, this means that our pupils are urged to view mistakes as an important part of the learning process, not as failure.

The results below are from our Pupil Surveys and are a testament to our excellent teaching practices and Growth Mindset culture.

  • 98% of pupils like having problems to solve
  • 97% of pupils agree that when given new work, they feel confident they can do it

Watch a short video of pupils providing examples of how they have used a Growth Mindset in their learning.

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