A creative curriculum is not simply about making links between subjects; it’s about finding ways to inspire children by combining skills from art, music, technology, dance and drama. Creativity is about inspiring through memorable learning experiences and can be a platform for the establishment of personalised learning, enabling children to think for themselves, branching out into areas of curiosity and interest. We have the freedom to move away from teaching discrete, isolated subjects and develop more innovative and effective approaches to teaching in order to create a curriculum that is tailored to children’s specific needs and interests.

Each term, a project is planned based upon a science, geography or history focus that teaches the key skills the children need to learn across a range of topics. For example, in the Year 4 project Frozen Planet, children study the climate at the poles, research the Titanic disaster, paint ice landscapes using pastels, made moccasin slippers, learn about Scott’s exploration and journey to the south pole, study the Inuit way of life and how animals adapt to their environment.

When planning a project, our enquiry-led approach to learning requires the teachers to have the end ‘goal’ in sight in terms of learning outcomes whilst skilfully allowing the children’s natural curiosity to lead the learning during the term, ensuring that the subject skills they need to learn are covered by the work they do. Our approach ensures that our children are excited about learning, feel involved in the process and have a level of anticipation about what will happen next.

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