Our Project lessons are comprised of teaching in History, Geography, Art, Design Technology and Religious Studies and strives to engender a thirst for knowledge of the world around us, be it physical, historical or spiritual. Underpinning this aim is the belief that project teaching and learning should be an enjoyable, creative and magical experience for pupils and teachers alike. It can make a significant contribution to children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

Rather than being taught each foundation subject discretely, the children follow a new learning journey every term which alternates between fictional adventures, skills-based challenges and real-life competitions. Every project incorporates the National Curriculum objectives in a creative way that provides the children with a context for their learning, engaging them fully and actively in the learning process. At the end of each term, we provide opportunities to showcase the learning from our projects so that the children can share their learning with family and friends.

There is a wonderful breadth of experience at Wandsworth Prep, with staff contributing their own particular skills to the teaching of project. With a range of personal interests that include their own comprehensive knowledge of their subject alongside interests in travel, technology, the arts, the literary world and personal beliefs, the children have a wealth of knowledge to engage with and, above all, enjoy and shape to enrich their own experiences.

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