CNED Programme

Pupils aged between 6 and 11, whose mother tongue is French, have the opportunity to follow both the French and the English curriculum alongside one another. We do this by offering the CNED programme; a well-established programme validated by the French Ministry of Education to provide a French educational standard for students living overseas.

The programme, textbooks and evaluations are all provided by the CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance), which is based in Toulouse, France. This organisation provides an end of year report certifying that the child has completed the CNED programme which subsequently allows pupils to return to a French school at the right level.

Pupils are taught by qualified French native-speaking teachers and the number of lessons they receive depends on their age and individual needs. Twice a week, children study the Language and Mathematics programme of their respective classes in France i.e. CP- CE1 – CE2 – CM1- CM2. Younger children typically have between 1 and 1 ½ hours per week and older children up to 2 ½ per week. Lessons can be taught in small groups of 1- 5 children.

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