The aim of our Maths teaching is to create independent, inquisitive and skilful mathematicians. We encourage passion for this integral subject and equip pupils with the uniquely powerful toolset needed to understand and change the world. These tools include fluent and agile knowledge of number, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and the ability to think abstractly.

At Wandsworth Preparatory School, we feel very strongly about developing pupils’ mental and lateral thinking skills and consider the correct communication of Maths as paramount in pupils’ understanding – after all, it is like another language in many respects. From the earliest ages, we drive the pupils to extend their thinking. Pupils at Wandsworth Preparatory School know they should only answer a question if it is followed with ‘I know this because…’

Through hands-on and practical activities, pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1 have almost constant exposure to appropriate real-life material and resources. Across the school, a strong emphasis is placed on the process rather than simply the outcome and we strive to make Maths enthralling for all our young learners, as well as ensure a sense of achievement is experienced.

Interest and motivation in Maths is promoted through a dedicated Maths Week in the spring term, placing a schoolwide emphasis on enjoyment in Maths and the importance of problem solving, strategy and lateral thinking skills. School subscriptions to both the Manga High and MyMaths websites, along with regular iPad use in lessons, also boost enthusiasm in the subject across the school.

Click here to view our Calculation Policy which outlines the various calculation strategies and methods that children are taught as they progress through the school.

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