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Easter Eggstravaganza

24th March 2022

Easter Eggstravaganza

What a wonderful way to finish a term!

Design and creation skills were very much on display during the Easter Eggstravagaza, not to mention the collaboration needed between parents and children which was undoubtedly also keenly put to the test at home during the making phase! Whether you decided to make an Egg Mobile or an Egg Drop device, those key skills were essential for success. The fun involved just added an extra WOW factor.

This year’s traditional Easter event was an absolute blast and the children all did marvellously. What an array of colourful, innovative, creative and fabulous inventions we saw - the children really outdid themselves this year! From dinosaur extinction themed egg drop devices to global warming themed mobiles, the designs truly were imaginative.

Egg mobiles raced down the ramp - some turned left, some turned right, others spun beautifully in circles but those special few flew straight down the middle of the hall to great victory and acclaim!

Similarly with the egg drop - success and failure were met equally with the same roars of approval as some eggs survived the drop and others smashed spectacularly!

Many a chocolate bunny and egg were devoured as the children basked in glory or began plotting the necessary improvements for next year. Either way, what fun, what laughter and what a way to finish the term!