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26th May 2022


How do you create a whole day of joy and wellbeing whilst raising money, so all children can have access to dance? Run a 12 hour Danceathon of course!

It was an ambitious challenge - 7am to 7pm - without missing a dance beat. Could WPS rise to the challenge? Of course they could (with bells on!) A complicated timetable was produced and everyone got involved. As Headteacher Jo Fife started dancing at 7am, she was overjoyed to be met by enthusiastic families dressed in dance gear in our glittering and sparkling dance hall.

The day was filled with class dancing parties, specialist dance teachers of salsa, Sevillanos Spanish flamenco and West End ‘The Lion King’ musical theatre choreography from Suzie Curran. Lunchtimes were accompanied by dance volunteers on the dancing stages and after school, incredible parents, grandparents and Aunts bopped, wiggled and threw some shapes on the dance floor before our finale performance by the young people at ‘Icandance’.

It was such a moving performance and we really thank ‘Icandance’ for giving us the impetus to put on this Danceathon, for spreading joy across our school for one day, and for teaching us that we can all make a difference.