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Drumming and Percussion Workshop

21st September 2022

Drumming and Percussion Workshop

This term we are delighted that we have begun our new project ‘Beat, Band, Boogie’. To launch our project and capture children’s interest we were fortunate enough to have the very talented Ewan Moore to share his expertise with the children.

The workshop focused on introducing children to simple percussion and drumming skills. The children worked on clapping out a range of rhythms and built on their awareness of the beat through stamping their feet while clapping out the rhythm. The children enjoyed playing a range of games which involved clapping back rhythms that they heard.

During the session, the children created their own piece of percussion music using djembe drums and agogo bells. This consisted of 3 layers of rhythms put together to make what Ewan called a ‘groove’.

The children loved the session - ‘It was really fun’ they announced.

We are really looking forward to diving deeper into our learning this term and cannot wait to see the amazing home learning projects.