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Sports Day

25th July 2022

Sports Day

Excitement, Effort and Enjoyment

“It’s here!”

“It’s Sports Day today!”

“I am so EXCITED!”

These are just some of the comments heard whilst walking down the corridor of WPS on the day of the best sporting event of the year. Sports Day was here!

The weather was due to be a perfect mix of sun and slight breeze, the polar opposite of last year, where we had to postpone. The children had been training furiously to show you, the parents, and each other what they could do. These events are not just about the winners and sport. It is also about how a child can develop themself as a person.

  • Will they build their resilience if an event does not go their way? Of course.

  • Will the older children inspire the children in younger age groups? Absolutely!

  • Will they be kind to each other once the event is finished? A key WPS Value

  • Will they be fearless in taking part in an event they know will be difficult? Bravely indeed!

  • Will they be positive to teammates and friends when the going gets tough? 100% yes.

  • Finally, will they be independent, running the races, jumping the jumps, throwing the throws without anyone else to help them? Of course they will.

Sports Day covers every one of our WPS values, including collaboration, with the team relay being the perfect mix of chaos, enjoyment and competitiveness. The pride in seeing the children shouting support for each other is something that really shows our WPS Community at its very best and long may it continue.

Sport has the ability to bring a whole community together and unite everyone, this is why it is such an integral part of our school life and was a huge success this year.