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When learning can make a difference…

25th July 2022

When learning can make a difference…

Taking learning out of the classroom is a huge part of what we do here at Wandsworth Prep. In the same way, bringing real life into the classroom goes a long way to inspiring our pupils and helping engage them in learning.

So, with Year 1 and 2 immersed in their project about the rainforests of the world and its many wonderful creatures and humans that live there, what better way to delve deeper into learning than linking up with Survival charity. We could not have embarked on this project without understanding the very real threats that are happening currently to rainforests all over the world, to the animals that live there and also the tribes that are settled there. Survival Charity gave us an insight into the many different tribes that live in the rainforest, the real dangers they face and the wonderful work they do to support as many of those tribes as possible.

After hearing some real life stories from the tribe's people themselves, one child stated, ‘The land is their life and we are destroying this!’ What an insight that is so mature beyond their years.
WWF also joined us virtually to share the threats that are happening to the wonderful animals of the rainforest; a place where over 50% of the world's species live. When we learnt that a football pitch size of rainforest would be cut down each day, the children were inspired to take action and this is how we came up with the idea of a Charity Fundraiser that the children organised, designed and ran themselves, managing to raise a fantastic £490 for Survival charity to help make a difference!